Paid advertising on Google allows you to get your listing at the top of the search list, without waiting for for the natural rankings to improve. This is important for a new website because it takes time to achieve search rankings.

Google CPC (cost per click) campaigns allow you to control what you spend on a per day and per month basis. This can be changed at any time.

Some of the benefits:

  • Ads can be adjusted at any time during the campaign. Ads can be changed, paused, or the cost adjusted, as suits the market or the season.
  • Campaigns can be any length, so we can run short campaigns to test keywords or to target dates or events.
  • Ads which are clicked on more often are recorded and can be served more frequently.
  • AdWords results integrate well with Google analytics, giving a clear picture of performance.

We have been managing Google AdWords campaigns for our clients for over 8 years. We are Google partners, which means we pass yearly exams, and maintain a level of campaigns. 

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