Pew research found that 'nearly a quarter (22%) of adults now own some kind of tablet computer, double the number a year ago (11%), and smartphone ownership is up nine points, from 35% to 44%. As a result, half of all Americans (50%) now have mobile internet access through either a tablet or a smartphone.'

From Engadget 'Pew Research finds 22 percent of adults in US own tablets, low-cost Android on the rise'

Android tablets in particular have grown in the last year, going from 15% of the total number of tablets in 2011 to 48% in 2012.

Reading, and especially reading the News, was one of the most popular activities on tablets, with roughly 63% of mobile users reading the news at least weekly on tablets or smartphones.

The browser was the preferred way to read the news, on both phones and tablets. the number of people using Apps to read the news has gone down substantially  compared to 2011.

Nearly 20% of those who read the news have paid for some kind of news subscription.