UK ticketing software company Ferry Plus recently announced their new kiosk and partnership with Phosphor - 'A partnersip built on trust and one that delivers the very best in touchscreen self service kiosks'

When Ferry Plus approached us last year, they came with an impressive history in supplying software solutions to ferry operators. Their software includes reservations, CRM, ticketing, Internet reservations and much more, and they were looking to add a self service kiosk option. Having made the decision to work with a partner, they set out to find one.

And eventually they contacted us.

'Our search for a partner with these qualities quite literally covered the globe. Some months into our search, we found Phosphor Essence in Auckland, New Zealand. We immediately hit it off. We found them pragmatic, approachable, dependable and they certainly had that elusive 'can do' attitude! Of course, they also had a great track record in touchscreen self service technology.' 

Our companies are a good match - the team at Ferry+ understand the ferry business and the application of reservation, ticketing, administration and operational systems required for successful ferry operations, and we focus on what we do best - the development of a practical integration and payment solution and a user-friendly kiosk design.

Ferry Plus Ticketing Kiosk 

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