'It's been five years since Steve Jobs unveiled the "Jesus Phone" in January 2007, but I distinctly recall the criticism. The iPhone was too expensive. The touch screen was smudge-prone, the battery life woeful, the lack of a keyboard a deal breaker. My favorite quote, from one chief information officer at the time: "It's clear he [Steve Jobs] does not understand how important text [messaging] is."'

'But with all the hype and hype-busting, something happened when the phone became available for sale that summer: People held it in their hands and thought, "Oh my gosh, it's the internet on my phone!"'

This editorial in Advertising Age compares this 'iPhone moment' with the effect that Apple TV will have on television as we know it.

While many of us are already used to browsing the Internet on TV, the Apple TV will make it easy:

'...the Apple TV set will be beautiful and a breeze to hook up. It will usher in a whole new way to navigate nearly unlimited content through the electronic device that is still the star of the home. '

Is TV Ready for its iPhone Moment?