“Insanely innovative and intriguing - a true stand-out project!”

We are very excited to have won an international award - the 2019 Umbraco Jury's Choice Award for the Niska Robotics Kiosk. Thanks to Anton and Kate of Niska Retail Robotics who allowed us to feature their ice cream robot prior to launch in this video for the awards. There are a few things not shown in the video - so it will still be a surprise when it launches in a couple months in Melbourne. We used Umbraco as part of the web application which updates the kiosk.

We have had a lot of fun with the project, and are looking forward to more fun and ice cream eating at the launch. As usual many of the Phosphor team have been involved and the main players are Cam Stewart, leading the project, Toby Page on UX and design, Jeremy Read and June Mak on architecture, June Mak on talking to robots and kiosk POS application coding, Keith Flowers in charge of the Umbraco CMS web application and Ronald Camomot on Umbraco coding, Antony Raven on the hardware and payment solution here in NZ, Cath Sample on support and training, and Kahu Anderson and Paul Papara on sys admin.