SEO and AdWords - Helping customers and robots find your website

Improving your website for Google search can also improve the site for users, who want to find good information in one place, with easy access to related links.

Each page or section should contain a good amount of copy which targets one related set of keywords. A well optimised page will gradually perform better in organic search, and will perform better for AdWords campaigns as well.

Optimising the website during development means that navigation, page titles, URLs, content structure and copywriting can all be considered and optimised at the time the structure is being built. SEO is enhanced by regular articles, news, or blogs, which can also be set up during development. However, any changes to the site can make a difference. A modest SEO budget can be spread over a year, allowing you to make gradual improvements every month.

Whether the budget is large or small, you should review site reports monthly and make updates as frequently as possible. An active social media presence will help to bring people to your site.

  • Updated content makes a difference to people and to search engines. A blog or news section is a good way to regularly add new content.
  • When creating new pages or adding to your blog, use the keywords and key phrases identified. Page titles and headers are especially important.
  • Use Google Plus, Pinterest, FaceBook and Twitter to highlight interesting or new content on your site.