Social media provides platforms for adding value and communicating with your audience. We can help with linking your social media to your website, setting up and managing accounts.

Adding value on the web has always been about providing interesting information and engaging with people. Some of the things that Social Media makes easier:

  1. Responding to questions or issues from customers
  2. Giving supporters a place to express their enthusiasm
  3. Uploading and promoting new information, videos, images
  4. Actively asking for customer input

LinkedIn and similar platforms also provide new ways of interacting with past, current, and prospective employees as well as offering information.

Forums, Blogs, Business Networking sites

Aside from the obvious social media platforms, there are forums specific to various topics which host lively conversations. These sites offer another place to communicate with your customers. A regular blog or content stream either on your site or on a sub domain can engage with the audience in a less formal and specific way.