Phosphor specialises in developing software for self-service kiosks, web applications, and mobile platforms. Our portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed companies in New Zealand and Australia. Notably, we recently completed the deployment of the Niska Ice-cream Robot in the United Arab Emirates and a self-service ticketing application for ferries in the UK, serving a client in Uruguay.

Our enduring relationships with both staff and clients serve as a testament to our dedication in fostering an enjoyable and collaborative work environment that yields remarkable outcomes. We are renowned for tackling complex challenges, and our reputation is built on our ability to conquer the most demanding projects. If you have an upcoming project that demands innovation and expertise, we invite you to connect with Phosphor.


Phosphor has been honoured with several prestigious accolades, underscoring our commitment to excellence. In 2019, we were proud recipients of one of the eleven annual Umbraco awards. Furthermore, we achieved Microsoft Silver Partner status in 2007 and became Google Partners in 2011, reflecting our proficiency in cutting-edge technologies and platforms.

Our Diverse Team

Our team at Phosphor is a diverse blend of talents, encompassing both youth and experience, extroverts and introverts, unconventional and analytical minds. This rich diversity fuels our collective success, as we recognise and leverage each other's strengths, providing support when needed. We believe that this harmonious amalgamation of abilities is key to our accomplishments.

More About Us

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Our Approach

Phosphor employs a versatile approach in its operational procedures, tailored to the unique characteristics of each individual project.

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Our Values

Our commitment to integrity, dependability, expertise, and informed guidance as we work towards a brighter future.

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At Phosphor We Care About Doing Our Part to Be Sustainable.

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Our History

Phosphor, originally established as Phosphor Essence Limited in 1994, was founded by its co-principals, Cam Stewart and Cath Sample. In 1996, we entered into a partnership with the proprietors of I...