Fullers 360 - Interactive Digital Signage

Video walls, indoor and outdoor touchscreens, and self-service ticket purchase help Fullers 360 commuters and visitors to choose destinations and buy tickets.

The Project

Fullers 360, a key player in ferry transportation, partnered with Phosphor to establish an innovative interactive digital signage solution at the downtown Auckland ferry terminal. The project involved the creation of an entirely new building housing a ticket office equipped with video walls, indoor and outdoor touchscreens, and self-service ticket purchase facilities.

The Challenge

The project presented Phosphor with several challenges, including a tight timeline and the need for seamless integration with the new building's construction. Close collaboration with Fullers' project managers, content managers, builders, and interior designers was imperative to ensure the successful incorporation of interactive elements while meeting aesthetic and functional requirements.

The Solution

Phosphor tackled the challenges by leveraging its prior experience with Fullers' CMS and adopting a unified content management system. This approach facilitated the efficient delivery of specific content for the interactive displays, aligning seamlessly with the existing digital infrastructure. A collaborative approach, involving regular coordination meetings with Fullers' team, ensured the integration was smooth and met both technological and design criteria.

The Result

The completion of the project marked the successful integration of video walls, touchscreens, and self-service ticket purchase points into the new Auckland ferry terminal building. Commuters and visitors now benefit from a user-friendly interface that allows them to easily navigate destinations, gather information, and purchase tickets. The visually appealing and efficient interactive displays enhance the overall customer experience, aligning with Fullers 360's commitment to modern and customer-centric service. This achievement underscores Phosphor's dedication to delivering innovative solutions within challenging timelines and showcases its prowess in elevating the customer experience through technology.

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