Daruma Ramen - Self Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks as POS at Commercial Bay

The Project

Daruma Ramen, a popular ramen restaurant based in Auckland, sought to maximimse space and save time in their new restaurant in Commercial Bay. They envisioned a comprehensive solution that not only streamlined their Point of Sale (POS) process but also integrated a Kitchen Display System (KDS) and digital signage. To turn this vision into reality, Daruma Ramen partnered with Phosphor, a leading software development company known for its innovative self service solutions.

The Challenge

Daruma Ramen's primary objective was to improve efficiency and reduce waiting times for customers during peak hours while maintaining the high-quality dining experience they were known for. The specific challenges included:

  1. Long Queues: Traditional ordering and payment processes resulted in long queues during peak dining hours, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

  2. Order Accuracy: Ensuring order accuracy in a busy kitchen environment was a constant challenge.

  3. Counter Space: Daruma Ramen wanted to maximise counter space for food production and service.

  4. Customer Engagement: Leveraging digital signage to engage customers and promote menu items.

The Solution

Phosphor collaborated closely with Daruma Ramen to develop a comprehensive self-service kiosk system that addressed all their challenges. The solution included the following components:

1. Self-Service Kiosks (POS):

Phosphor designed user-friendly self-service kiosks that allowed customers to browse the menu, customise their orders, and make secure payments. Key features included:

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface.
  • Menu item images and descriptions.
  • Customisation options for dietary preferences.
  • Multiple payment methods, including credit cards and mobile wallets.
  • Real-time order tracking.
2. Kitchen Display System (KDS):

To improve order accuracy and kitchen efficiency, Phosphor implemented a Kitchen Display System. This system displayed incoming orders to kitchen staff in real-time, ensuring prompt preparation and minimising errors.

  • Order prioritisation based on preparation time.
  • Integration with the self-service kiosks for seamless order transmission.
  • Order status updates for staff and customers.
3. Digital Signage:

Phosphor installed digital signage screens in the restaurant to engage and inform customers. These screens displayed menu items, promotions, and real-time order status updates.

  • Dynamic content updates.
  • Integration with the POS and KDS for order status display.
  • Promotion of special offers and seasonal menu items.

The Result

The implementation of Phosphor's self-service kiosk system has realised Daruma Ramen's vision. The system has delivered:

  • Reduced Queues: Long queues during peak hours are virtually eliminated as customers can place their orders and make payments quickly at the self-service kiosks.

  • Order Accuracy: Order accuracy is very good, thanks to the Kitchen Display System that streamlines communication between the customer and the kitchen staff.

  • Customer Engagement: Digital signage enhances customer engagement, providing increased awareness of menu offerings and tracking of delivery.

Daruma Ramen's innovative approach to improving customer service not only enhanced the dining experience but also positioned them as a forward-thinking and tech-friendly restaurant in Auckland's competitive food service market.

Phosphor's collaboration with Daruma Ramen resulted in a comprehensive self-service kiosk system that addressed the restaurant's specific challenges and goals. By integrating POS, a Kitchen Display System and digital signage, Daruma Ramen not only improved operational efficiency but also provided a more convenient and engaging experience for its customers. This successful implementation showcased how technology can transform traditional dining establishments and contribute to long-term growth and customer satisfaction.

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