Why we choose Umbraco?

Phosphor's impressive track record spans over a decade and a half, marked by the creation of medium and large websites, along with various web applications powered by Umbraco. We've successfully managed several long-running, expansive Umbraco projects, as well as numerous smaller ones. It's a testament to the system's flexibility and scalability.

The Umbraco Jury's Choice Award

In 2019, Phosphor clinched the prestigious Umbraco Jury's Choice Award for our work on the Niska Ice Cream Kiosk, a project that relied on Umbraco to manage updates seamlessly. With only ten of these accolades presented globally each year, this achievement stands as a remarkable testament to Phosphor's excellence in Umbraco development.

Niska Ice Cream Robot

Umbraco Web Development Benefits

Umbraco CMS, as an open-source platform, offers several compelling advantages for both developers and website owners. Here's a glimpse of the benefits:

  1. Freedom of Hosting: The open-source nature of Umbraco allows clients to host their websites independently, ensuring that they retain complete control over their digital assets, even in the event of parting ways with their development partner.

  2. Cost Efficiency: The base Umbraco CMS is free, meaning there are no annual licensing fees. This cost-saving feature is a boon for website owners seeking to allocate their budgets more efficiently.

  3. Security and Integration: Being built on the robust Microsoft .NET platform, Umbraco CMS offers exceptional security and seamless integration with Microsoft's suite of business software and databases. This ensures data integrity and adaptability to a wide array of business needs.

  4. Customisation: Unlike many content management systems confined to a set of templates, Umbraco empowers developers to craft fully customised designs that align with the unique character of the content. This level of personalisation sets Umbraco apart in the CMS landscape.

  5. Accessibility for Developers: Umbraco's foundation in .NET makes it accessible for many graduate programmers with a fundamental understanding of this framework. With the right training and experience, they can transition smoothly into becoming proficient Umbraco web developers.

Umbraco CMS development is a professional endeavour that provides freedom, cost-efficiency, security, and flexibility to website owners. With the expertise of industry leaders like Phosphor, who have harnessed Umbraco's capabilities to create award-winning projects, it's evident that Umbraco is a compelling choice for those seeking excellence in web development. 

Umbraco Development Case Studies

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