iView - Corporate Self Check In

We created a self check-in kiosk for iView. 

The Project

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Phosphor collaborated with Iview Interactive, kiosk manufacturers in New Zealand, to create a Corporate Self Check-In kiosk software solution. The software included the scanning of COVID vaccine passes during the pandemic.

Project Objectives

Phosphor was tasked with creating a user-friendly, secure, and versatile system that could cater to a broad range of corporate settings while adhering to evolving COVID-19 regulations.

Specifically, the software needed to:

  1. Streamline the check-in process for employees, visitors, and contractors in corporate environments.
  2. Ensure compliance with COVID-19 safety measures, including the scanning of vaccine passes.
  3. Be adaptable for integration with existing security systems and hardware.

The Solution

Phosphor went through the following process to develop the 'Revolving Door' software.

Needs Assessment: Phosphor initiated the project by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment. 

Software Design: Based on the needs assessment, Phosphor designed a comprehensive software architecture that incorporated the core features of a corporate self-check-in kiosk while integrating the capability to scan COVID vaccine passes. The user interface was designed to be intuitive and customizable.

Development and Testing: Phosphor's development team used agile methodologies to build the software. Frequent iterations and testing were conducted to ensure that the system met the requirements and adhered to security protocols.

Integration and Hardware Compatibility: Phosphor worked closely with iView integrate the software seamlessly with iView's existing kiosk hardware. This included the integration of barcode scanners and secure data transmission protocols for vaccine pass scanning.

Security and Compliance: Ensuring data security and compliance with privacy regulations was a top priority. The software was developed with robust security features.

Ongoing Support: Ongoing support and updates were also included in the project to address evolving COVID-19 regulations and security concerns.

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iView has elevated its customer offering with self-service kiosk software powered by Phosphor's 'Revolving Door' Self Check-in Software, tailored to their unique needs.

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Revolving Door

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