Snaffle - Online employment portal and Job applicant kiosk

Snaffle Jobs, a revolutionary job matching application, was born out of the need to streamline the job recruitment process, inspired by real-world experiences. It offers employers and job seekers a seamless omni-channel experience through kiosks, mobile, and desktop platforms.

The Project

Snaffle Jobs is a versatile mobile web application that empowers employers to filter and match job seekers based on specific employment criteria. Employers input their requirements, and the system promptly generates a list of candidates who meet those criteria, complete with a compatibility assessment. Employers can also choose to purchase the top matching CVs.

For job seekers, the process is straightforward. They can upload their CV and complete a tailored form for their chosen industry. Snaffle Jobs offers free registration for both employers and job seekers.

The Solution

Initially, the project's brief called for the development of a website and an iPhone app. However, after a comprehensive project assessment, the Phosphor team recommended a mobile website using Responsive Design as a more future-proof solution. This decision proved prescient, as new mobile devices like the iPad Mini and Google's Nexus 7 introduced various screen sizes during the project's development phase.

The development of Snaffle Jobs included the creation of a sophisticated algorithm capable of filtering a wide range of credentials across a myriad of industries. This algorithm empowered employers to efficiently search and filter prospective employees based on specific requirements. Notably, the website's functionality evolved beyond traditional job matching, expanding into an employment kiosk. Applicants could visit retail stores, complete their applications online, have their photos taken, and access their credentials from the Snaffle website. This enhanced functionality made the application even more versatile and convenient for job seekers

The Result

Snaffle Jobs represents a significant leap forward in the realm of job matching applications. It offers a comprehensive solution for both employers and job seekers, with a user-friendly interface accessible across various devices. The project's success is attributed to the strategic decisions made during its development, including the adoption of Responsive Design and the collaborative efforts of Phosphor and the Snaffle team.

Snaffle Jobs is a testament to the power of innovation and technology in simplifying complex processes and creating valuable connections in the job market. It demonstrates the adaptability of technology to meet the evolving needs of employers and job seekers in today's dynamic employment landscape. The added dimension of the employment kiosk highlights Snaffle Jobs' commitment to facilitating seamless and efficient job matching experiences for both employers and job seekers.

What the client thought...

When Snaffle first went looking for a developer to construct our software we met brick walls at every turn; until we found Phosphor. Snaffle was nothing more than an idea at best, but that didn't stop the team from meeting and working with us like a partner.

Phosphor were engaging, thoughtful and constructive right from the outset. They have consistently gone beyond their requirements and have sought to build not only quality, but future-proofed technology to stand the test of time.

Phosphor has always met us with the response of "Everything's possible", engaging Snaffle to work closer and build as a co-operative. We have not only had a successful working relationship, it has also been an absolute pleasure!

Carl McNulty , Managing Director, Snaffle

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