Some of our practices include:

Power Conservation

Considering that New Zealand relies on coal for supplemental power during periods of high demand, we endeavour to minimize our contribution to this heavy consumption by conserving power whenever possible. On warmer days, we are fortunate to be able to open doors to a patio full of plants to bring in cool air. We restrict the use of air conditioning to server rooms and smaller meeting spaces. Conversely, during colder weather, those who prefer warmth have the option to work in heated rooms, use desk heaters, or even cuddle up to hot water bottles for personal comfort. At night, we switch off all non-essential equipment, including lights, computer screens, and heating or cooling systems, excluding those in server rooms.

Paper and Organic Waste Composting

We have embraced digital documentation in our meetings, reducing the need for physical paper distribution. However, in cases where paper accounts or similar documents must be disposed of, we incorporate full sheets into our composting system, allowing the natural processes, including the work of our resident worms, to break them down. This composting approach extends to coffee grounds and other organic waste.

Zero Waste Furniture and Fixtures

The majority of the furniture and fixtures within Phosphor are repurposed or recycled items. For our new electric adjustable-height desks, we opted to purchase the adjustable legs separately, enabling us to use sustainably sourced bamboo for the desk surfaces. We ensured that our 25 year old Michael Draper desks found new homes, extending their useful life.


Proximity to some of our clients enables us to walk to and from meetings when feasible. For those who prefer alternative transportation, we offer secure storage for bicycles and scooters, facilitating commuting by bike or scooter to public transport hubs. The recent four-year closure of the nearby Mt Eden train station has presented challenges for using public transport, but flexible hours and work at home days have helped to mitigate these.

Filtered Tap Water over Bottled Water

We provide access to chilled, filtered water for drinking and refilling water bottles.

Sustainable Sourcing

Given our significant consumption of coffee and tea, we make a conscious effort to source these products sustainably. Additionally, when we receive equipment packaged in plastic, we make an effort to repurpose the packaging whenever possible.

Supporting Local Production

In our selection of kiosk hardware, we prioritise products that best suit our needs. When feasible, we opt for kiosk hardware manufactured in New Zealand, thus reducing energy expenditure associated with shipping and minimising packaging waste.

Sustainable Investments

Wherever possible, we have invested in New Zealand companies with a strong commitment to sustainability, such as Greenplan Forestry.

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Our Approach

Phosphor employs a versatile approach in its operational procedures, tailored to the unique characteristics of each individual project.

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Our Values

Our commitment to integrity, dependability, expertise, and informed guidance as we work towards a brighter future.

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At Phosphor We Care About Doing Our Part to Be Sustainable.

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Our History

Phosphor, originally established as Phosphor Essence Limited in 1994, was founded by its co-principals, Cam Stewart and Cath Sample. In 1996, we entered into a partnership with the proprietors of I...