JA Russel - Lighting & Electrical Plan Creator

A web application which allows planners to apply electrical and lighting products to user's plans.

The Project

J.A. Russel sought an online tool for creating lighting and electrical plans. Understanding the potential to streamline planning and save time, J.A. Russel engaged Phosphor to develop the Lighting & Electrical Plan Creator.

J.A. Russel is a well-established and reputable supplier of electrical and lighting products. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, J.A. Russel has a strong presence in the market and serves a wide range of customers, from individual homeowners to professional electricians and contractors.

The Challenge

The brief was to create an intuitive, web-based application that would simplify the process of creating lighting and electrical plans for residential and commercial projects. The specific challenges included:

  1. Ease of Use: Creating a tool that is user-friendly and quick to use

  2. Collaboration: Enabling seamless collaboration between multiple stakeholders, including electrical professionals and different departments at J.A. Russel.

  3. Document Management: Efficiently managing and storing plans and documents, and providing a simple way to share them.

  4. Integration with J.A. Russel's Systems: Integrating the tool with J.A. Russel's existing systems to enable easy entry of product details.

The Solution

Phosphor collaborated closely with J.A. Russel to develop the Lighting & Electrical Plan Creator, a web-based application that met the outlined challenges. The solution was built using .NET for backend functionality and JavaScript for the frontend user interface.

Key Features of the Lighting & Electrical Plan Creator:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The application features an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily upload existing house plans and mark them up with lighting and electrical products.

  2. Collaboration: The tool supports collaborative work. Users can invite electrical professionals and customers to collaborate on a project, ensuring clear communication.

  3. Document Management: Plans and documents are efficiently stored and shared via unique URLs. This allows easy access and sharing between stakeholders. Users can also export plans as PDF files for offline use or sharing.

  4. Integration with J.A. Russel products: The application is seamlessly integrated with J.A. Russel's systems so products can be added directly from the system. This ensures product details are accurate.

The Implementation Process

The development process involved several stages:

  1. Requirements Analysis: Phosphor worked closely with J.A. Russel to define the project requirements, understanding their vision and specific needs.

  2. Design and Prototyping: Phosphor created wireframes and prototypes to visualise the application's interface and functionality. Feedback from J.A. Russel and potential end-users was incorporated to refine the design.

  3. Development: The application was developed using .NET for the backend, ensuring scalability, reliability, and data security. JavaScript was used for the frontend to provide a responsive and user-friendly interface.

  4. Testing: A rigorous testing phase ensured the application was free of bugs and performed optimally. Usability testing was also conducted to validate its ease of use.

  5. Deployment: The application was deployed on secure servers and integrated into J.A. Russel's existing infrastructure.

The Result

The Lighting & Electrical Plan Creator provided a range of benefits to J.A. Russel and its customers:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers and electrical professionals can now create plans quickly and easily, reducing the time and effort required for project planning.

  2. Efficient Collaboration: The tool streamlines communication between all stakeholders, improving project efficiency and reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

  3. Digital Transformation: The application aligns with J.A. Russel's commitment to innovation, enhancing its digital presence and enabling online ordering directly from the platform.

  4. Document Management: Efficient storage and sharing of plans simplify the project management process.

    The collaboration between Phosphor and J.A. Russel resulted in the successful development and implementation of the Lighting & Electrical Plan Creator. This application empowers electrical professionals to create and collaborate on lighting and electrical plans with ease. It represents a step forward for J.A. Russel in its mission to provide innovative solutions and superior customer service in the electrical and lighting industry.


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