Vodafone - Retail Kiosk Prototype

A retail kiosk showing the client's website, with added security, control and usability.

The Project

In a collaborative effort between Phosphor and Vodafone, the Retail Kiosk Prototype was developed to enhance the client's website experience by incorporating advanced security measures, enhanced control, and improved usability for both customers and staff.

Utilising Phosphor's web kiosk software as a foundation, the project involved the integration of custom graphics and functionalities. The primary objective was to provide in-store customers and staff with seamless access to comprehensive product information directly from the Vodafone website.

The Challenge

The key challenge addressed in this collaboration was to create a kiosk that would enable staff to assist customers in navigating the website effortlessly. Additionally, the kiosk needed to empower staff with the ability to respond effectively to customer queries related to intricate product details.

The Solution

Phosphor's solution involved encapsulating the Vodafone website within a secure application, offering protection against potential risks associated with standard browsers. In situations where the kiosk operates without direct supervision, Phosphor implemented an on-screen keyboard as a replacement for the physical keyboard. This strategic move aimed to mitigate browser-related risks and enhance the overall security of the kiosk.

Addressing Browser RisksĀ 

Standard browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Edge are primarily designed for general web browsing. However, they are not tailored for flawless display of a single website, making them susceptible to various risks. Phosphor's solution mitigates these risks by encapsulating the website within a secure application, safeguarding against potential threats such as unauthorised access, unsavoury content display, or browser crashes that could render the kiosk non-functional.

The Result

The Phosphor-Vodafone collaboration has not only met the client's objectives but has also set a new standard for secure and user-friendly retail kiosk prototypes.

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