Sanuki Udon - Self-Service Food Kiosk

The Project

Sanuki Udon, a cornerstone of Japanese dining in the city center, recognised an opportunity to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations through technology. The goal was to introduce a self-service solution that not only preserved the essence of Japanese hospitality but also catered to the modern diner's preference for convenience and efficiency. 

The Solution

Phosphor embarked on designing a comprehensive self-service food kiosk system tailored to Sanuki Udon's unique brand and operational needs. The solution was centered around four key features:

  1. Build Your Own Combos: This feature empowered customers to customize their meals according to their preferences. By selecting mains, sides, and additional toppings, diners could create their perfect meal combination, ensuring a personalized dining experience.
  2. Mains and Sides Selection: The kiosk offered a straightforward selection process for mains and sides, featuring high-quality images and descriptions of each dish. This allowed for an easy and informative decision-making process, even for those unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine.
  3. Eat-in/Takeaway Options: Recognising the diverse needs of their customers, the kiosk provided clear options for dining in or taking away. This feature streamlined the ordering process and helped the kitchen staff efficiently manage orders based on the service type.
  4. QR Code Table Ordering: For those preferring a traditional dining experience with the convenience of modern technology, the kiosk system included a QR code feature. Customers could scan a QR code at their table, browse the menu, and place their order without leaving their seat. This feature not only reduced wait times but also enhanced the overall dining experience by merging the best aspects of personal service and technology.

The kiosk was designed with user-friendly interfaces, ensuring ease of use for all age groups. Additionally, Phosphor integrated a backend management system for Sanuki Udon, enabling real-time menu updates, order tracking, and data analytics for customer behaviour insights.

The Result

The implementation of the self-service kiosk at Sanuki Udon was met with positive feedback from customers and staff alike. The Build Your Own Combos feature became an instant hit, offering diners a novel way to engage with the menu and explore the depths of Japanese cuisine. The ease of ordering, coupled with the option for QR code table service, significantly enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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