Fullers 360 - Website Development

Frontend / Backend Development + Integration of the Fullers360 Website

The Project

Fullers 360 is a leading ferry service provider in New Zealand. Phosphor have overseen the design and build of multiple iterations of the Fullers website, ensuring its evolution in line with Fullers 360's business needs. This case study outlines how Phosphor collaborated with Fullers and  Catch Design to successfully develop and integrate the front-end and back-end of the current fullers.co.nz website.

The project's objective was to upgrade the existing Umbraco website to a more modern, user-centric design that offered convenient ticketing, booking, pass management, and destination discovery services.

The Challenges

System Integration: The new website options needed seamless integration into the existing ticketing system without disrupting ongoing operations.

User-Centric Design: Catch Design created a visually appealing and intuitive design that resonated with both tourists and commuters. Phosphor translated this into easy to update Umbraco modules and templates.

Complex Functionality: The website required features like ticket booking, pass management, and the ability to explore new destinations in the Hauraki Gulf, making it a complex project.

The Solution

Collaboration with Catch Design & Fullers Team

Phosphor recognised the importance of a user-friendly design in enhancing the website's appeal and usability. They collaborated closely with Catch Design to achieve a harmonious integration of design and functionality. The design process included wireframing, user experience (UX) testing, and iterative design improvements to ensure a top-tier user interface.

Front-End Development

Phosphor's development team started by implementing Catch Design's approved designs. They used modern web development technologies and frameworks to create responsive, mobile-friendly, and visually captivating web pages. Key features of the front-end development included:

  • User-friendly navigation for easy exploration of destinations.
  • Intuitive ticket booking and pass management interfaces.
  • Interactive maps for route exploration.
  • Rich multimedia content to showcase the Hauraki Gulf's attractions.

Back-End Development and Integration

To update access to the ticketing system and ensure it worked seamlessly with the website, Phosphor performed the following tasks:

  • Data Migration: Data from the existing ticketing system was meticulously migrated to the new database to preserve customer records and transaction history.

  • API Integration: Phosphor developed custom APIs to connect the website with Fuller's ticketing system. This allowed real-time booking and pass management, providing customers with up-to-date information.

  • Payment Gateway Integration: Secure payment gateways were integrated to facilitate online transactions, ensuring the safety of financial data.

  • Performance Optimization: Load testing and optimization were conducted to ensure the website could handle a high volume of concurrent users, especially during peak travel seasons.

The Result

The collaboration between Phosphor, Catch Design, and Fuller's Ferry Company resulted in the successful development and launch of the fullers.co.nz website. The revamped website offers the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Fuller's customers can now easily explore new destinations, book tickets, and manage passes on a user-friendly and visually appealing platform.

  2. Seamless Ticketing add ons and Booking: Changes to integration of the ticketing system allow for more options for real-time booking, ensuring convenience and accuracy.

  3. Increased Engagement: Add on ticket options, multimedia content, and destination discovery features have boosted user engagement on the website.

  4. Improved Performance: The website can handle high traffic loads efficiently, even during peak travel periods.

Phosphor's collaboration with Catch Design and the Fuller's 360 team showcases a successful transformation of a ticketing website system into a modern, user-centric platform. The fullers.co.nz website now caters to the needs of both tourists and commuters, offering a seamless experience for booking tickets, managing passes, and exploring the stunning destinations of the Hauraki Gulf. This project exemplifies how a strategic partnership between a software development company, a design agency, and a forward-thinking client can yield exceptional results in the world of transportation and tourism.

"Phosphor's collaborative approach ensures seamless interaction throughout the design-to-development process, fostering effective communication and alignment between our teams at every stage."

Michael Webster,  General Manager of Digital,  Fullers Group Limited



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