AUT - eLockers for Equipment Hire & Kiosk

The Project

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) sought to enhance the student experience by providing a convenient and efficient solution for accessing equipment, adding credit to student cards, and managing various campus services. To address this need, AUT engaged us, to develop a self-service kiosk system that would streamline the process of equipment hire and student card management on campus.

  1. Equipment Locker Storage: Design and manufacture self-service equipment locker storage kiosks to enable students to securely store and rent equipment, primarily laptops.

  2. Equipment Hire Kiosk: Develop an integrated kiosk system allowing students to check out equipment and add credit to their student cards.

  3. Integration with Canon Uniflow and Windcave Pinpads: Ensure seamless integration with Canon Uniflow software to manage printing and photocopying, as well as Windcave pinpads for EFTPOS and credit card payme

The Solution

Equipment Locker Storage

Phosphor's team of engineers and designers collaborated with AUT to create custom locker storage kiosks that met the university's specific requirements. The locker storage system included the following features:

  • Secure locking mechanisms with RFID access.
  • A user-friendly touchscreen interface for selecting and renting equipment.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of equipment availability and status.
  • Integration with AUT's database to manage equipment inventory.

Phosphor oversaw the complete manufacturing process, including sourcing materials, building the kiosks, and conducting rigorous testing to ensure reliability and security.

Equipment Hire Kiosk:

Phosphor developed an integrated kiosk system that streamlined equipment hire and student card management:

  • An intuitive user interface for students to select equipment, add credit, and initiate the rental process.
  • Integration with AUT's database for student card management.
  • Connectivity with Canon Uniflow software to activate students' Internet, printer, and photocopier accounts.
  • Windcave pinpad integration for secure EFTPOS and credit card payments.

The software was designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring that students could easily access the services they needed, such as adding credit to their student cards and checking out laptops.

3. Integration with Canon Uniflow and Windcave Pinpads:

Phosphor integrated the kiosk system with Canon Uniflow and Windcave pinpads to ensure a seamless user experience. This included:

  • Developing APIs to connect with Canon Uniflow for account activation and credit usage.
  • Integrating Windcave pinpads to enable EFTPOS and credit card payments.

Rigorous testing and quality assurance were conducted to verify the compatibility and security of these integrations.

The Result

The deployment of Phosphor's equipment locker storage and equipment hire kiosk system at AUT resulted in several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Student Experience: The self-service kiosks provided a more convenient and efficient way for students to access equipment and manage their student cards, ultimately improving their overall experience.

  • Increased Efficiency: AUT experienced improved administrative efficiency by automating equipment rental and card management processes, reducing the workload for staff.

  • Secure Transactions: Windcave pinpads ensured secure EFTPOS and credit card transactions, enhancing payment security.

  • Seamless Integration: The kiosk system seamlessly integrated with Canon Uniflow and other AUT systems, creating a unified experience for students.

Phosphor's collaboration with AUT exemplifies the successful development and deployment of a custom kiosk solution, catering to the specific needs of an educational institution. The project not only achieved its objectives but also significantly enhanced the quality of services offered to students on the AUT campus.

Phosphor Products

Top It-Up

Top It-Up

Account top up kiosk software

Online and kiosk card top-up applications for printing and copying at libraries and schools. Integrated with Canon Uniflow, Equitrak, and Papercut systems.

Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Electronic Lockers and Click'n'Collect

Phosphor provide software integration between click'n'collect locker systems and client software, and installation and support of the locker systems.