The Product

In the fast-paced, dynamic environments of libraries and educational institutions, the need for efficient and convenient payment solutions is ever-present. The 'Top It Up' software by Phosphor is the answer to this challenge. It offers a customisable, licensable system that seamlessly integrates with client-specific needs and internal systems. Whether you're dealing with printing, photocopying, or other transactions, 'Top It Up' simplifies the process, making it more accessible and user-friendly for staff, students, and members.

The Features

'Top It Up' by Phosphor serves as the linchpin between end-users and essential printing and copying services in educational and library settings. It not only streamlines the financial aspect of these services but also bolsters administration, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Kiosk-Based Systems

The kiosk-based variant of 'Top It Up' offers a tangible solution. These strategically positioned self-service stations facilitate effortless fund-loading onto printing and copying cards. The merits of this approach include:

  • Customization: 'Top It Up' software by Phosphor is highly customizable, allowing clients to tailor the kiosk systems to their exact requirements and internal systems.

  • Accessibility: Kiosks are conveniently placed in libraries and schools, making them easily accessible to users.

  • User-Friendly: Staff and students can independently manage their card balances, reducing the need for manual interventions.

  • Efficiency: Transactions are swift, minimizing wait times for users and freeing up staff to focus on other essential tasks.

  • Integration: 'Top It Up' kiosk systems seamlessly integrate with prominent print management systems like Canon Uniflow, Equitrak, and Papercut, guaranteeing secure and accurate financial recording.

Online Card Top-Up

For those who prefer a digital approach, 'Top It Up' online applications provide an excellent solution. These web-based systems empower users to add funds to their cards from the comfort of their devices. The benefits of online card top-up applications include:

  • Customization: 'Top It Up' online software is tailored to the client's specific needs, integrating seamlessly with internal systems and providing the freedom to adapt to evolving requirements.

  • Accessibility: Users can access the system from any location, eliminating the need to visit a physical kiosk.

  • 24/7 Availability: Online systems are available round the clock, accommodating the schedules of both students and staff.

  • Transaction History: Users can conveniently monitor their expenses and transaction history, promoting financial responsibility.

  • Integration with Print Systems: Just like kiosk systems, 'Top It Up' online applications integrate smoothly with print management solutions, ensuring secure and accurate allocation of funds.

Licensing and Support

Both kiosk-based and online 'Top It Up' applications typically come with licensing agreements and dedicated support. These agreements are often established when setting up new printers and photocopiers through providers like Ricoh or Canon. By licensing 'Top It Up' software, clients ensure legal compliance while also gaining access to reliable support and updates. This boosts the longevity and functionality of the system, adapting to the evolving needs of the institution.

'Top It Up' software by Phosphor has revolutionised the landscape of transaction management in libraries and educational institutions. Whether it's printing, photocopying, or other services, 'Top It Up' offers customisable, licensable solutions that cater to client-specific needs and internal systems. By licensing this software, institutions can streamline their operations, making life easier for staff, students, and members. It's a testament to the power of technology in simplifying the daily tasks that underpin the smooth functioning of these educational and knowledge-sharing hubs.

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