Our Process

Discovery Phase

During this initial stage, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company, your product or service, and your customer base. We identify any knowledge gaps that require attention and assess the integration requirements with other services, considering feasibility and implications. Additionally, we define the key objectives and desired outputs from the website or application, such as transactions, data management, document handling, and invoicing.

Design and User Experience (UX) Development

In the design and UX phase, we focus on creating a user experience tailored to your target audience. We draw upon the latest international design principles and user experience insights. This phase involves the development of low-fidelity wireframes to outline user flows and facilitate testing. Subsequently, we create high-fidelity mock-ups that align with your brand guidelines or cater to the preferences of your target customers, adhering to contemporary design standards.

Development and Testing

The development process is dynamic and adapts to factors such as the application type, project timelines, design complexity, and chosen software development methodology. The development stages encompass third-party integrations, content management system (CMS) development, and front-end development. Before deployment, rigorous testing and training procedures are meticulously executed, including staging site reviews and user testing. This stage also involves user acceptance testing (UAT), content transfer, and updating, with continuous testing and fine-tuning.


Upon successful completion of testing and validation, the website or app is ready to go live. This phase involves live testing to ensure a seamless user experience. For kiosk-based solutions, deployment is managed by both Phosphor and third-party experts on-site, encompassing hardware, software, and networking live testing.

Post-Deployment Analysis

Following deployment, we establish ongoing support mechanisms to address any potential issues. Data collected from the website, app, and kiosk is carefully analyzed to identify trends, roadblocks, and opportunities. Based on this analysis, we provide recommendations for continuous product enhancement and improvements to the consumer journey. This phase also offers an opportunity to identify additional data sources that can further enhance your operations.

More About Us

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Our Approach

Phosphor employs a versatile approach in its operational procedures, tailored to the unique characteristics of each individual project.

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Our Values

Our commitment to integrity, dependability, expertise, and informed guidance as we work towards a brighter future.

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At Phosphor We Care About Doing Our Part to Be Sustainable.

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Our History

Phosphor, originally established as Phosphor Essence Limited in 1994, was founded by its co-principals, Cam Stewart and Cath Sample. In 1996, we entered into a partnership with the proprietors of I...