Phosphor's self-service kiosk software is built on the robust and secure Microsoft.NET platform, making it an ideal choice for integration with web applications, as well as corporate and retail systems.

This strong technological foundation ensures the reliability and performance of Phosphor's kiosk solutions. Moreover, we offer the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) for updating content and images, which can be conveniently managed by your staff from the office or remotely.

Phosphor's approach is not limited to software development alone; they offer a comprehensive suite of services that encompasses the entire kiosk development process.

Kiosk Services

Self Service Kiosks

Phosphor specialises in creating self-service kiosks tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you require customer check-in kiosks, product information kiosks, or any other type of self-service solution, Phosphor has the expertise to deliver.

Strategy and Planning

Developing a self-service kiosk solution requires a well-thought-out strategy. Phosphor's team of experts can assist you in creating a roadmap for kiosk implementation that aligns with your business objectives.

Kiosk Design & UX

User experience is paramount in self-service kiosk solutions. Phosphor focuses on designing intuitive and visually appealing interfaces to ensure a seamless user journey.

Kiosk Hardware and Network Choice and Set Up

Selecting the right hardware and network infrastructure is essential for the success of any kiosk project. Phosphor can guide you in making informed choices and set up the necessary components for your kiosks.

Kiosk Software Development and Supporting Online Applications

Phosphor's forte lies in software development. We craft software that seamlessly integrates with your kiosk hardware, enabling a holistic self-service experience. Additionally, they provide online applications that complement kiosk functionality.

Interactive Digital Signage

Beyond traditional kiosk solutions, Phosphor offers interactive digital signage options to engage customers and deliver dynamic content.

EFTPOS and Card Payment Systems

Secure payment processing is a critical aspect of self-service kiosks. Phosphor is well-versed in integrating EFTPOS and card payment systems to facilitate seamless transactions.

Hardware Integrations like Robotics or Secure Lockers

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, Phosphor can integrate cutting-edge hardware components like robotics or secure lockers into your kiosk setup, enhancing its capabilities.

Staff Training

Proper training is essential for the smooth operation of self-service kiosks. Phosphor provides comprehensive training for your staff to ensure they can manage kiosks effectively.

Kiosk Deployment and Live Testing

Phosphor takes care of the entire deployment process, from installation to live testing, ensuring your kiosks are ready to serve customers without hiccups.

Priority and After-Hours Support Options

Phosphor understands that kiosk downtime can be costly. They offer priority and after-hours support options to address any issues promptly, minimising disruption to your operations

Why Choose Phosphor?

Phosphor's extensive experience, coupled with their comprehensive suite of products & services, positions them as a trusted partner for self-service kiosk development. Whether you are looking to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, or expand your business capabilities, Phosphor's expertise can guide you through every step of the self-service kiosk journey. Our commitment to quality, security, and innovation sets us apart in the world of self-service technology, making us a valuable asset for businesses seeking excellence in kiosk development.

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Kiosk Software

Kiosk Software

Phosphor Kiosk Software: A Seamless Fusion of Security and Customisation

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