Masport - B2B eCommerce & ERP Integration

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses must adapt and embrace e-commerce solutions to remain competitive and efficient. Masport, a renowned global manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, recognised this need and approached us to design and develop a sophisticated international B2B e-commerce platform integrated with their ERP system. This case study delves into the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the outcomes achieved by Phosphor in creating the Masport Trade Site.

The Project

Masport envisioned an online platform that would streamline the purchasing process for their NZ and Australian dealers, and comprehensive product information to their network of distributors across more than 40 other countries. Their primary goal was to provide a seamless B2B e-commerce experience that integrated with their existing ERP system. This ambitious project aimed to enhance customer relationships, improve order management, and facilitate global sales.

The Challenge

Complex Product Catalog: Masport's extensive product catalog, comprising a wide range of outdoor power equipment and thousands of spare parts, posed a significant challenge. The product information needed to be dynamically sourced from their ERP system and digital asset management while ensuring accuracy and real-time updates.

Customised User Permissions: The project required intricate user permission settings, catering to different levels of access for retail customers. Permissions were based on factors such as the customer's role within the organisation and the specific store they represented.

ERP Integration: Seamlessly integrating with Masport's existing ERP system was pivotal. The ERP system contained critical data for order processing, inventory management, and product information, making its successful integration vital for the project's success.

The Solution

Phosphor took a comprehensive approach to address Masport's challenges and deliver a cutting-edge B2B e-commerce platform:

Bespoke .NET Development with Umbraco CMS: Phosphor opted for a combination of bespoke .NET development and the versatile Umbraco CMS to create a robust, scalable, and customisable platform. Umbraco's flexibility allowed for efficient content management while accommodating intricate functionalities.

ERP Integration API: Phosphor developed a custom API that acted as a bridge between the website and Masport's ERP system. This API facilitated real-time data synchronisation, ensuring that product information, inventory levels, and pricing are always up-to-date.

Complex User Permissions: To address the diverse user permission requirements, Phosphor implemented a role-based access control system. Customers were assigned specific roles and permissions, enabling them to access relevant product information and functionalities based on their profiles.

Streamlined Checkout Process: Phosphor designed an intuitive and user-friendly checkout process to minimise cart abandonment and enhance the overall user experience.

Dealer Access to the API: this was a key part of the solution, and one of the reasons Masport chose Phosphor over other providers.

Interactive illustrated parts lists: which make it easy for dealers to correctly identify and order spare parts.

The Result

The successful collaboration between Masport and Phosphor resulted in several significant benefits:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: The Masport Trade Site provided Masport's dealers with a seamless and personalised shopping experience, increasing user satisfaction and loyalty.

  2. Efficient Order Management: The integration with the ERP system streamlined order processing, reducing manual data entry errors and improving order accuracy.

  3. Real-time Updates: Customers could access the latest product information, pricing, and inventory levels in real-time, improving transparency and trust.

  4. Improved Data Accuracy: The integration between the website and ERP system eliminated data discrepancies, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

Phosphor's innovative approach to designing and developing the Masport Trade Site showcases the company's expertise in creating complex B2B e-commerce solutions integrated with ERP systems. By addressing Masport's unique challenges and leveraging the power of technology, Phosphor enabled Masport to not only meet but exceed their business objectives. This project exemplifies the potential of technology-driven solutions to transform traditional business models and elevate customer experiences in the modern digital age.

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