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Classic Builders Umbraco website

The Project

Classic Builders, founded in 1996 in the Bay of Plenty, has risen to become one of New Zealand's largest residential building companies. As the company has expanded across the country, it has maintained a reputation for delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative building solutions. A significant focus for Classic Builders is their commitment to involving customers in the building process, ensuring their needs and preferences are met.

To further enhance communication between Classic Builders and its clients, Phosphor was asked to design an Umbraco website that offers a balance of control for content managers and ease of updates from in-house systems. 

The Challenge

Navigating Complexity in Design and Integration

Classic Builders has a diverse range of projects and services, and it was crucial to represent this complexity in a clear and organised manner. Content managers needed to have easy access to the CMS, and additionally, information about the properties and home designs needed to call on a ‘source of truth’, by way of an API to an house system.

The Solution

Innovative Design and Seamless Integration

Phosphor approached the project with a comprehensive strategy that involved collaborative discussions with Classic Builders to understand their brand identity, goals, and vision. The design process focused on creating a visually appealing and intuitive layout that showcased Classic Builders' diverse portfolio while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic.

The website was developed using the latest web technologies, ensuring responsiveness and compatibility across various devices. Umbraco content management system (CMS) was implemented to empower Classic Builders' team to easily update and manage content without the need for technical expertise. The integration of features such as interactive project galleries, a user-friendly navigation system, and a robust contact form enhanced the overall user experience.

Phosphor developers collaborated closely with the Classic Builders team to streamline and integrate the API providing information about properties and designs, making it easier for Classic Builders to showcase their designs and products effectively.

The Result

Elevating Classic Builders' Online Presence

The website's modern and user-friendly design aptly reflects the professionalism and innovative spirit of Classic Builders. With an intuitive Content Management System (CMS), the Classic Builders' team can easily update the website with the latest company developments, ensuring that their online presence remains dynamic and effectively communicates their commitment to quality and customer service. This continuous refreshment of content helps keep the website relevant and engaging for visitors.

The seamless integration of various functionalities streamlined user interactions, making it easier for potential clients to explore the company's projects and services. 

As a result of Phosphor's meticulous design and development efforts, Classic Builders experienced increased online engagement, positive feedback from visitors, and improved lead generation through the website. 

Ongoing support from the Phosphor team ensures that the website for Classic Builders remains dynamic and responsive to new technological advancements and business needs. This proactive approach facilitates continual improvements and updates to the website, aligning it with evolving market demands and customer expectations.