Freeview - Freeview - Website design and TV guide development

The Project

In August 2011, Phosphor embarked on a transformative journey with Freeview, tasked with developing and implementing a new website and online presence. The primary objective was to craft a clear, friendly, and informative platform to guide users through the digital switchover process and help them make informed choices.

The Challenges

The initial version of the website played a crucial role in assisting users during the transition to digital broadcasting. Phosphor faced the challenge of creating a cohesive online and offline presence, ensuring that users who engaged with TV ads seamlessly connected with the website. The goal was to facilitate decision-making regarding the digital switchover and guide users on the setup process post-decision.

As technology evolved and the digital switchover reached completion, Freeview's focus shifted towards an entertainment-oriented platform, with a spotlight on the TV guide. Phosphor adapted the website and integrations to meet these changing needs, emphasising a more user-friendly and entertainment-centric experience.


The Solution

To address these challenges, Phosphor employed an iterative approach, rolling out several versions of the website. The latest iteration prioritised an entertainment-oriented design, placing a strong emphasis on the TV guide. Phosphor used Umbraco CMS (Content Management System) for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. Custom development was implemented to seamlessly integrate the TV guide data feed, retailer and supplier information, and Freeview products and channels.

Content migration from the old site and various databases was a critical aspect of the project. Phosphor meticulously managed this process, ensuring a smooth transition and preserving the integrity of the information. To empower Freeview's team, Phosphor conducted comprehensive training sessions on CMS usage.


The Result

The redesigned Freeview New Zealand website stands as a testament to Phosphor's commitment to delivering a user-friendly and engaging online experience. The emphasis on an entertainment-oriented site, particularly the TV guide, has resonated with users, aligning seamlessly with Freeview's evolving priorities.

The implementation of Umbraco CMS has not only made content management more accessible but also allowed for seamless integration of data feeds, ensuring the TV guide remains up-to-date and accurate. Phosphor's meticulous testing, including external audits, ensured a flawless go-live experience.

The success of this project extends beyond the technical achievements; it reflects Phosphor's dedication to understanding Freeview's evolving needs and aligning the online presence with the changing landscape of digital broadcasting in New Zealand. 

Phosphor demonstrated their ability to proactively collaborate with multiple agencies and stakeholders to deliver to our objectives. Their extensive knowledge base, experience and in-depth understanding of our goals, opportunities and challenges also allowed them to confidently do so with autonomy wherever possible.

Phosphor is invested in your business, not only in your web or app projects. They take time to see your audience from your perspective AND from their own.

The result was a cross platform solution that all parts of our business, be it the Board, our retail / manufacturing partners, our customers & our front line staff, find 'simple and elegant'.

Bel Wang , Freeview Marketing Manager