Smith & Smith - Glass Product Finder

The Project

Smith and Smith Glass NZ is a leading provider of glass repair and replacement services across New Zealand.  Their brief to Phosphor was to develop a user-friendly application with the goal of simplifying the process of identifying the correct piece of glass for specific vehicles. The application needed to streamline the workflow for call centre employees and online users, eliminating the need for complex searches across multiple databases.

To initiate the project, Phosphor engaged in a comprehensive study of call centre operations, identifying pain points such as difficulty, time consumption, and errors. The objective was to replace the reliance on memorisation and intricate database searches with a more efficient solution.

The Challenges

The challenges faced in the pre-existing system included the need for employees to memorise extensive data and navigate complex searches across various databases. This not only consumed time but also increased the likelihood of errors. The goal was to design a system that simplifies this process for call centre staff and online users.

The Solution

The solution is a user-friendly system that allows call centre staff to input the car registration number, instantly providing the corresponding Smith & Smith product code for ordering. The application achieves this by:

  1. Database Selection: The system intelligently selects the appropriate database based on the car's make, model, and age.
  2. Manufacturer's Part Code: Identifies the relevant manufacturer's part code.
  3. Integration with Smith & Smith Database: Integrated with the Smith & Smith parts database to convert the item code into the correct Smith & Smith parts code number for ordering.

In cases where choices are more complex, such as cars with various options like tinting, automated defrosting, rain sensitivity, and light sensitivity, the system highlights the factory setting for that specific model and year. Alternative options are presented in different colours for easy identification.

For challenging situations, the system displays on-screen questions for call centre staff to ask clients, gradually filtering down to the optimal option.

The Result

The collaboration between Phosphor and the Smith & Smith team followed an agile development process. Phosphor trained call centre staff in using the new software and continuously refined the system based on feedback. As a result, the application is now seamlessly integrated into all call centres and the Smith & Smith website. Phosphor support desk is on call to ensure that the application is available and runs without error.

Since the initial implementation, Phosphor has expanded the system by adding more databases to cover a wide range of car makes. The Smith & Smith Glass Product Finder has successfully streamlined the process of identifying and ordering the correct piece of glass, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency for call centre operations and online users.