About us

We're a team of experienced and skilled developers and designers, based in Auckland New Zealand. We pull out all the stops to provide exceptional user experience and functionality, and top service for our clients and their customers. We became Microsoft Silver Partners in 2007 and Google Partners in 2011.

We are privileged to work with some great companies in New Zealand and Australia, and have had long relationships with some of these companies.

Our History

Our first project was a touch screen kiosk "See New Zealand" 1994. We discovered the web and installed our first webserver in 1995. For the first few years our work was split between CD-ROMs, kiosk software, websites, and digital video. Some of our earlier projects were:

  • Xtra Kiosk - installed on computers in retail stores to explain the benefits of the Internet and promote the ISP
  • Telstra Clear Installation CD for setting up dial up accounts.
  • Vista Entertainment Cinema Ticketing Kiosks
  • Mazda Websites - the main Mazda NZ website and many smaller sites for specific models
  • Emirates Team NZ websites over 2 Americas cup campaigns.
  • Pak'n'Save Loyalty kiosk - still going.
  • Moore Wilson Kiosk - a retail loyalty kiosk recently re-designed after 10 years of service
  • Tickle Kiosks and website. A kiosk for uploading photos from memory stick or CD to a website where they could be edited, shared online, and ordered as printed books.
  • Orams Marine Kiosks and Digital Signage - Custom software to connect to Orams database displaying boats on sale in the showroom.
  • Bayley's TV - custom digital signage connected to the Bayley's Real Estate database
  • Hubba, Healthywomen.co.nz, and Public Workforce Development - websites and a kiosk for the Ministry of Health
  • Departure fee kiosks for BNZ at Auckland Airport

Our Name

When we chose the name 'Phosphor Essence' in 1994, we were unusual in designing only for digital, then called 'new media', or media which is generally seen on a computer screen. Phosphor means 'light bringer' and is the element in computer screens which creates light and colour.