Established in 1994

Our inaugural project, "See New Zealand," was unveiled in 1994, featuring a cutting-edge touch screen kiosk. During this period, we ventured into the realm of the World Wide Web, installing our first webserver in 1995. Over the course of the first decade of our existence, our work was diversified, encompassing self-service kiosks, website development, and occasional forays into CD-ROM and digital video projects. Notably, as we delved into kiosk development, one of our primary challenges revolved around establishing mechanisms for updating kiosks and collecting data for monitoring kiosk performance. An early prototype kiosk employed cell phone technology, located at the kiosk's base, to facilitate network connectivity, enabling the transmission of status information to a central web portal.

Some notable projects from this earlier phase include:

  1. Xtra Kiosk - Deployed on in-store computers to elucidate the benefits of the Internet and promote the Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  2. Telstra Clear Installation CD - Designed to assist users in configuring dial-up accounts.
  3. Retail kiosks leveraging cell phone technology for data logging and updates.
  4. Moore Wilson Kiosk - A retail loyalty kiosk seamlessly integrated with Moore Wilson's loyalty system.
  5. Vista Entertainment Cinema Ticketing Kiosks - Integrated with Vista Cinema Software.
  6. Pak'n'Save Loyalty Kiosk.
  7. Mazda Websites - Comprising the primary Mazda NZ website along with numerous smaller sites dedicated to specific models.
  8. Emirates Team NZ Websites - Developed over two America's Cup campaigns.
  9. Tickle Kiosks and Website - A kiosk enabling users to upload photos from memory sticks or CDs to a website for editing, online sharing, and ordering as printed books.
  10. Orams Marine Kiosks and Digital Signage - Custom software connecting to Orams' database to display boats for sale in their showroom.
  11. Bookshop Kiosks - Integrated with Advance Retail Point of Sale (POS) systems for Paper Plus in New Zealand and Dymocks Australia.
  12. Bayley's TV - Custom digital signage linked to Bayley's Real Estate database.
  13. - A website and self-service kiosk designed to serve women without access to the Internet.
  14. Interactive Video Screens - Managed by staff on Fullers Ferries in the Bay of Islands.

Over the subsequent decade, we continued to refine our self-service kiosk platform, developing systems that allowed customers to update kiosk content through a web-based content management system. We integrated with local systems, such as point-of-sale (POS), and third-party systems through the web to facilitate kiosk updates. Additionally, we focused on creating systems that enabled self-service kiosks, websites, and mobile applications to share content sourced from the same management systems, streamlining operations and mitigating the risk of errors. Furthermore, we engineered kiosks capable of handling EFTPOS and cash transactions, and we developed licensed kiosk products, including printing kiosks for companies like Canon, Ricoh, and Papercut software.

Projects from this phase included:

  1. Departure Fee Kiosks - Equipped with EFTPOS at Auckland and Hamilton Airports, and offering EFTPOS and cash payment options at Queenstown Airport.
  2. Spynbak Golf Club Kiosk Prototype - A unique kiosk in the form of a giant golf ball, dispensing products and facilitating greens fee payments.
  3. New Zealand Refinery Website - Featuring interactive history lesson downloads for teachers.
  4. Event Cinemas Website - An in-depth exploration of the ticket ordering process, stemming from our prior work with cinema kiosks, culminating in a user-friendly website for cinema ticket purchases.
  5. Skycity Websites - Developed for locations in New Zealand and Australia, featuring distinct designs but sharing code and integrations for reservations and events.
  6. New Zealand Post Kiosks - Offering bill payment options with EFTPOS and cash handling, accompanied by extensive user experience (UX) development and complex integrations with bill payment systems and gateways.
  7. Self-Service Kiosks and Locker Drawers for Laptop Signout at AUT - We managed both the development of locker drawers and the associated software.
  8. Freeview Websites and TV Guide - Integrated with TV programming over several versions during the Digital Switchover.
  9. An Interactive Large Screen Table for Fonterra.
  10. Print Topup Kiosks - Deployed in multiple schools and universities.

In the most recent eight years, leading up to our 30th anniversary, we have continued to enhance and expand our self-service software base and product offerings. We extended the capabilities of our Print Topup kiosks to encompass websites and introduced new products, including food kiosks and website kiosks. Our support infrastructure and services underwent significant transformation and growth, encompassing the addition of personnel, systems, and after-hours support options.

Notable recent projects include:

  1. Niska Ice Cream Robot - Initially installed in Melbourne and subsequently adapted for deployment in Abu Dhabi, UAE, garnering international recognition and an award.
  2. Self-Service Ticketing for Fullers Ferries - Encompassing websites, kiosks, mobile apps, and interactive digital signage.
  3. Self-Service Check-In Kiosks - Developed in tandem with a website and hardware integrations for Strait NZ Bluebridge Ferries.
  4. A Web-Based System - Designed for identifying the appropriate glass product for specific vehicles, tailored for Smith & Smith Glass.
  5. Homefit - A web-based system catering to both consumers and assessors, serving the purpose of measuring housing performance.
  6. Large and Complex International B2B Website - Developed for Masport.

Our name

The choice of our name, 'Phosphor Essence,' in 1994, was emblematic of our unique focus on digital design, primarily intended for the nascent domain of 'new media,' or media predominantly viewed on computer screens. 'Phosphor' signifies a 'light bringer,' denoting the element in computer screens responsible for generating light and colour.

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Our Approach

Phosphor employs a versatile approach in its operational procedures, tailored to the unique characteristics of each individual project.

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Our commitment to integrity, dependability, expertise, and informed guidance as we work towards a brighter future.

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At Phosphor We Care About Doing Our Part to Be Sustainable.

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Our History

Phosphor, originally established as Phosphor Essence Limited in 1994, was founded by its co-principals, Cam Stewart and Cath Sample. In 1996, we entered into a partnership with the proprietors of I...