NZ Post - Bill Payment Kiosks

A kiosk for paying utility and a range of other bills through the post office, using the existing PostLink infrastructure.

The Project

Phosphor undertook a project in collaboration with NCR to develop a custom kiosk software solution for New Zealand Post (NZ Post). The primary objective of this project was to create a self-service kiosk application that would enhance customer service by reducing queues and allowing counter staff to address more complex inquiries. Furthermore, the solution needed to seamlessly integrate with NZ Post's existing PostLink infrastructure while offering extensive configurability to accommodate various bill payment scenarios.

Key objectives included:

  1. Reducing wait times by offering a self-service option for bill payments, which were otherwise paid at the counter.
  2. Enabling customers to pay a wide range of bills, including utilities, and more, through the kiosk.
  3. Integrating the kiosk system with NZ Post's existing PostLink infrastructure.
  4. Allowing NZ Post the flexibility to configure payment options, such as bill types and payment methods.

The Solution

Phosphor and NCR collaborated to create a comprehensive solution that addressed the project's goals. 

The NZ Post Bill Payment Kiosk solution featured the following components:

  1. User Interface: The kiosk's user interface comprised two main sections. The customer interface allowed customers to initiate transactions by scanning a barcode or selecting bill payment options through on-screen buttons, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience, or they could choose different payees for different types of bills, and pay in part or full payments.

  2. Concierge Interface: A concierge interface was developed to enable kiosk support personnel to verify completed transactions, manually complete pending transactions, or reverse transactions as required, providing NZ Post with greater control over the payment process.

  3. Payment Options: The NZ Post Bill Payment Kiosk was designed to accommodate both card-only and cash-and-card payment options. These two variations were installed in different locations. They used different hardware platforms and screen sizes: the card payment version employed the NCR Self-serve 60, while the cash-capable unit utilized an NCR V5 Self-checkout, which is commonly found in supermarkets.

The Result

The collaboration between Phosphor and NCR resulted in the successful development of a custom bill payment kiosk solution for NZ Post. This solution offered customers a convenient and efficient means to pay a variety of bills, thereby reducing wait times and allowing NZ Post staff to focus on more complex inquiries. By integrating seamlessly with the existing PostLink infrastructure and offering configurable payment options, the NZ Post Bill Payment Kiosk demonstrated Phosphor's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance customer service and operational efficiency.

Phosphor were selected as part of a relationship with NCR to help us develop the Bill Payment kiosk which was a significant and challenging project both parties. We enjoyed the experience of working with Phosphor and found them to be very customer focused, both on the end customer experience and in responding to our needs.

Mandy Smith , Head of Agency Services, Kiwibank