Hireace - Trailer Rental Kiosks and Online Portal

Hireace trailer kiosks provide self-service trailer rentals at 118 service stations and Hireace Branches. The online portal allows customers to make a reservation.

The Project

Hireace, a privately-owned and operated business in New Zealand, specialises in trailer and vehicle hire. With 11 branches nationwide and partnerships with over 100 Z Service Stations, Hireace aimed to enhance its customer experience by offering a convenient and efficient way for customers to book trailers in advance or rent them on the spot from Z petrol stations. They also needed to simplify administrative processes for Z's staff.

The Solution

Phosphor was engaged to design and build the required applications and develop the integration with the RCM system. The project also involved the setup, installation, and ongoing support of the kiosk network using the Phosphor Kiosk Management System.

Phosphor developed a comprehensive solution consisting of:

For Customers:

  • Web Application: A web application was created to allow customers to easily book trailers in advance, providing flexibility in their rental planning.
  • Kiosk Application: A kiosk application was developed for immediate rentals and booking confirmations at branch locations and Z Service Stations.
  • Seamless Integration: Integration with the RCM rental bookings system ensures real-time synchronisation of data, minimising discrepancies.

For Staff:

  • Management Tools: The solution offers management tools for staff to report system faults, reprint receipts, and maintain records of weekly checks on trailer registrations and tyres.
  • Parts and Accessories Ordering: Staff can efficiently order parts and accessories required for maintenance.

The integration with the RCM system ensures that all bookings are seamlessly synchronised, eliminating data inconsistencies.

The Result

The implementation of the kiosk network across 120 locations nationwide yielded significant benefits:

For Customers:

  • Streamlined Rental Process: Customers experienced a streamlined rental process with reduced wait times.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Customers had the flexibility to choose between immediate rentals or advanced reservations.
  • Simplified Return Process: The solution automated late fee calculations, simplifying the return process.

For Staff:

  • Improved Efficiency: Staff experienced improved efficiency in fault reporting, receipt management, and maintenance tracking with records of weekly checks.
  • Streamlined Procurement: The solution facilitated the streamlined procurement of parts and accessories.

The kiosk network saved time for both Z station owners and Hireace staff while offering added convenience to users. The Phosphor Kiosk Management System facilitated swift and easy support and updates for the Phosphor support team.

By partnering with Phosphor to develop a user-friendly web application and kiosk system, Hireace successfully addressed its objective of improving the trailer and vehicle rental experience. This solution not only benefited customers by saving them time and offering greater convenience but also streamlined administrative tasks for Hireace staff and Z station owners. The ongoing support provided by Phosphor ensures that the system continues to operate efficiently, making it a valuable asset for Hireace's business operations.