Kiosks are normally updated via a network, either local, broadband, or wifi. There are 3 types of content management we use for kiosks

Each type of content management displays information from a different source. All of the three types may be used on one kiosk.

1. Transaction and Account Data Display and Interaction -

It is common to connect Kiosks to POS (point of sale) or other custom systems such as ticketing. The kiosk may use a local network or web services to connect.

2. Screen text and images are updated using Umbraco CMS (content management system).

Kiosks, Mobile Apps, and Websites can share the same CMS, ensuring that content is easily updated in one place. 

3. Digital signage on the 'home' screen.

Images and video to display on the kiosk screen while the kiosk is not in use can be uploaded and sequenced using a digital signage solution.