We design and develop kiosk software, and help you to choose and configure the best kiosk and payment solution for your kiosk project. There is a huge variety of kiosk hardware available to suit different needs and budgets. 

Windfall Kiosk Heckler Design

We supply a range of kiosks and touch screen accessories from Heckler Design, along with kiosk and PC solutions to suit your project. Shown above: WindFall Kiosk by Heckler Design * 

Our partnership with NCR Corporation allows us to offer a range of high quality kiosks and kiosk add-ons, with support options up to 24/7 on-site service. This is an ideal solution where long life and robust performance are required.

We are also able to design applications for existing kiosks or kiosks you may have sourced from other suppliers. 

Choosing the right hardware for your kiosk project is important for ongoing kiosk management. We can make suggestions which consider security, safety, maintenance, flexibility, and longevity.

For transactional kiosks which need to print, our most popular kiosk platform is the  NCR Self Serv 60. There are several types of printer which can be used with this, from the robust standalone NCR self service printer to simple inexpensive desktop devices. Integrated mag stripe readers, barcode readers, several types of receipt printer, and other peripherals are also available.

Custom kiosk enclosures  and Payment Systems can be designed to work with most kiosk types. 

*Photo by Jill Richards Photography