Pharmaco - Medical eCommerce with ERP Integration

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The Project

Pharmaco Medical Emergency, a leading supplier of medical equipment and nursing kits in the New Zealand, approached Phosphor for the development of an Umbraco e-commerce website. The primary objectives included creating an online platform with an extensive range of products, customised nursing kits for students, and seamless integration with their ERP system. 

The Challenges

  1. Product Diversity: Pharmaco's extensive product range, including medical equipment, first-aid supplies, and nursing kits, presented a challenge in terms of categorisation, organisation, and user-friendly navigation.

  2. Customisation: The need for tailored nursing kits for students required a sophisticated configuration system that allowed customers to select and customise their kits based on specific educational requirements.

  3. ERP Integration: Pharmaco's existing ERP system was integral to their business operations. The challenge was to seamlessly connect the website with the ERP to ensure real-time inventory updates, order processing, and financial management.

The Solution

We employed a comprehensive approach to address Pharmaco's challenges:

  1. User-Centric Design: Phosphor began by designing a user-centric website with intuitive navigation, clear product categorisation, and a streamlined checkout process. The focus was on creating a visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly platform that ensured a pleasant shopping experience.

  2. Customisation Module: To address the customisation requirements, Phosphor developed a sophisticated configuration module. This module allowed students and institutions to select, modify, and personalise nursing kits, ensuring that they met specific educational needs. This customisation feature enhanced the user experience and added value to Pharmaco's offerings.

  3. ERP Integration: The integration of the website with Pharmaco's ERP system was a complex task that required extensive technical expertise. Phosphor built a secure integration that synchronises inventory levels, automated order processing, and manages financial transactions seamlessly. This integration reduced the risk of errors and ensured that customers received accurate information and swift order fulfilment.

  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Phosphor recognised the importance of an online presence in an increasingly digital world. They optimised the website for search engines, ensuring that it ranked well on popular search engines like Google. This strategy increased Pharmaco's online visibility and led to a higher influx of potential customers.

  5. Ongoing Support: After the successful launch of the website, Phosphor continues to provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates, ensuring that the platform remains responsive, secure, and up to date.

The Result

Pharmaco Medical Emergency's collaboration with Phosphor resulted in a highly successful project. The outcomes included:

  1. Improved User Experience: The user-centric design and customisation module significantly improved the user experience, making it easier for customers to find products and customise nursing kits.

  2. Increased Sales: The website's improved design, customisation options, and smooth ERP integration led to increased online sales. Customers could shop with confidence, knowing that they would receive accurate information and timely deliveries.

  3. Streamlined Operations: The ERP integration streamlined inventory management, order processing, and financial operations, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing efficiency.

  4. Online Visibility: The SEO efforts increased the website's online visibility, attracting a larger audience and expanding Pharmaco's customer base.

In summary, Phosphor's website development for Pharmaco Medical Emergency was a resounding success. The project not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, providing an efficient, user-friendly e-commerce platform with seamless ERP integration. Pharmaco's online presence, product offerings, and sales numbers flourished as a result of this collaboration.