We design custom websites, which means that the site is designed particularly for the needs of the business or application. When planning a custom website there are 4 areas which should be designed to make the website successful.

Graphic design

This is the 'look and feel' of the site. This is what gives the site its visual personality. Colour, images, borders, fonts, and all the big and small details of layout contribute to the final look. The design should reflect the company personality, the purpose of the site, and should appeal to the type of person who will be using the site. Ideally it's interesting, beautiful, and original as well.

UI and User experience (UX) 

As well as looking great, the design must make it easy for the user to achieve the goals of the website. Intuitive interfaces combine clear messages with expected behavior. Many visual cues are used to help the user choose a path of action. A hierarchy of information - most important things most obvious - is created using colour, position, size, and contrast. Interactive tools, buttons, and links are clearly differentiated from static items and are tested to make sure they are clear and behave logically.

Flexibility and standards 

The website will vary depending on the browser and device the site is being viewed on. Planning and management of images and plugins along with adherence to web standards helps in designing a site which performs well on different platforms.

CMS(Content Management System) customisation 

Umbraco CMS can be customised so that updates to the site are easily managed without breaking the design. Automatically resizing images and special widgets for frequently updated areas ensures that the site will continue to look and work well.

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