Feedback from International travellers at Queenstown Airport highlighted that the original method of collecting Departure Fee from international travellers was time consuming and not very convenient, especially at peak times.

The solution: The solution includes touchscreen kiosks and software, an ecommerce capable CMS website, and scanning and server software.

How it works: Touchscreen kiosks offer direct sales to customers by cash, credit card and EFTPOS. Travellers can also purchase tickets in advance from the Queenstown Airport website and print them either at home or record the unique PIN number associated with each transaction, and then enter this at one of the terminal kiosks to print off the departure fee ticket. Tickets printed in advance are also sold at shops and the Airport Helpdesk in the terminal.  Scanning facilities at the gate record and reconcile ticket sales.

The result: The kiosks have been busy from day 1, with most travellers comfortable with self service payment using debit and credit cards. Cash is also a popular form of payment, and many of the travellers use up their extra coins to purchase the tickets. The website is also becoming popular, as more people discover they can pay in advance. Airport administration have found the website easy to edit and keep up to date.

Hardware: NCR Selfserv 60, and NCR SCO V5 cash kiosk, DPS EFTPOS pinpads, scanners and server.

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Consultant: Coffey Projects