When Ferry Plus decided to add a self service kiosk to their sales/booking and ticketing software, they started a global search for a kiosk developer with 'a 'can do' attitude combined with a working relationship built on mutual trust.

Working together with developers in the UK, we developed a kiosk integrated with an API to the ticketing system.


The kiosk software is adaptable to different types of payment systems, making it possible to install it in different parts of the world. While designed to work with NCR kiosks, it can also be adapted to work with different types of kiosk hardware.

Our search for a partner quite literally covered the globe. Some months into our search, we found Phosphor Essence in Auckland, New Zealand. We immediately hit it off. We found them pragmatic, approachable, dependable and they certainly had that elusive 'can do' attitude! Of course, they also had a great track record in touchscreen self service technology.

Keith Adams, Ferry Plus ,,