The introduction of a domestic departure fee at Hamilton International Airport required an extensive upgrade to the existing kiosk system.

As well as the update of the kiosk interface on the international departure fee kiosks we had supplied in 2006, Hamilton Airport required a system to make processing and distribution of tickets faster and easier.

We designed a system for scanning and recording the tickets at the gate, and extended the original system to cover bulk printing and in-depth reporting. Two printing stations were added to the system to allow for cash payments at peak times, as well as the ability to print bulk ticket stock for large clients. This system also tracks stock allocations and allows the operator to delete old or damaged stock.

Scanning stations installed at the departure gates allow fast scanning of departure fee tickets, via hand-held barcode scanners, as clients move through the gates to their aircraft. The barcodes are validated in real time against the database of printed tickets.

This product is a client server based system with a back office server running Microsoft's Small Business Server and SQL. The client end is handled by NCR 7402 self-service kiosks, and PCs with thermal printers and hand-held scanners.


  • kiosks : NCR EasyPoint 42, 15" touchscreen
  • Pinpad for 3DES EMV compliance.
  • High speed thermal printer.
  • Custom hardened enclosure for the pinpad
  • .NET front end
  • SQL 2005 back end