Snaffle is a revolutionary job matching application which was inspired by the real world experience of an employer seeking candidates with specific skills and experience. Used on kiosks, mobile, and desktop, this is a truely omni-channel experience.

This mobile web application allows employers to filter and match job seekers based on their objective employment needs. How it works is that the employer sets up the specific criteria, and the system comes back with a candidate that fits the bill. The system even tells the employer how well the candidate fits the specific requirements. At this point the employer can purchase the top matching CV's if they choose.

Job seekers just upload their CV and complete a form specific to the industry they are applying to work in. Registration is free for both Employers and Job Seekers.

The brief for Snaffle was for a website and iPhone app. After scoping the project we suggested that a mobile website using Responsive Design would be a more future proof answer. This was a good choice: even while the product was in development new mobile devices such as the iPad Mini and Google's Nexus7 introduced new screen sizes.

We designed and developed the mobile website, introduced a branding expert, and developed the .Net application behind Snaffle while the Snaffle team compiled the extensive industry specific research required to create the attributes for comparing job candidates in each industry.

Umbraco CMS is the Content Management System used to build the help and content pages throughout the site, with an MVC back end.

When Snaffle first went looking for a developer to construct our software we met brick walls at every turn; until we found Phosphor. Snaffle was nothing more than an idea at best, but that didn't stop the team from meeting and working with us like a partner. Phosphor were engaging, thoughtful and constructive right from the outset. They have consistently gone beyond their requirements and have sought to build not only quality, but future-proofed technology to stand the test of time. Phosphor has always met us with the response of "Everything's possible", engaging Snaffle to work closer and build as a co-operative. We have not only had a successful working relationship, it has also been an absolute pleasure!

Carl McNulty, Managing Director, Snaffle ,,