We were engaged by Freeview in August 2011 to develop and implement a new website and online presence. Our main goal was to create a clear, friendly, polite, and light hearted presence, while providing all of the information needed to make a choice.

In the initial version of the website it was important to help users decide what path to take on the switchover to digital, and how to get set up once the decision was made. We designed the website and copy to create a cohesive presence online and offline, so that users inspired to find out more from the TV ads would relate immediately to the website.

More recently, with the digital switchover almost complete, the site has been redesigned to provide a more entertainment oriented site, with the emphasis on the TV guide. The new version of the site was designed by True.

We developed the website with an easy to use CMS (Umbraco CMS) with custom development to work with the TV guide data feed, the retailers and suppliers, and Freeview products and channels.

We also managed the migration of content from the old site and various databases, and trained Freeview employees in the use of the CMS. The website was fully tested by external auditors before go live.

The website is easily updated by Freeview's small team, with support from Phosphor in the form of Facebook updates and ongoing design and technical requirements.

Phosphor demonstrated their ability to proactively collaborate with multiple agencies and stakeholders to deliver to our objectives. Their extensive knowledge base, experience and in-depth understanding of our goals, opportunities and challenges also allowed them to confidently do so with autonomy wherever possible. Phosphor is invested in your business, not only in your web or app projects. They take time to see your audience from your perspective AND from their own… The result was a cross platform solution that all parts of our business, be it the Board, our retail / manufacturing partners, our customers & our front line staff, find 'simple and elegant'.

Bel Wang Marketing Manager - Freeview ,,
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